Easy Woodworking Projects: Buttons & Picture Frames (The Easiest 2!)

Easy Woodworking Projects
Tools Needed for These Easy Woodworking Projects

Woodworking has been done since the earliest civilization to make chairs, chests, tables, coffins, etc. The tools used for woodworking didn’t change much.

People still use chisels, saws, and axes. But with technology woodworks are made quickly and easily.

Easy Woodworking Projects Tools: besides a piece of wood, chisels and hand/power saws, the beginner should also have a woodworker’s vise, nail sets, clamps, measuring tools (i.e. metal/wooden rules, try-square, and tape measure), drills, screwdrivers, utility knife, rasps, router, block plane and files.

Buttons – Perhaps the Easiest Woodworking Project for Beginners

Creating your own button is a relatively easy task. You can make one just by using branches from your own trees that had been struck down by the wind. What you will need is a knife, drills, sandpaper and jigsaw or clamps.

When choosing for a good branch to use, look for a hard one and has properly dried. Newly cut branches will need to be dried for at least a day or two.

It is up to you if you want the barks or not. But if you want to remove them you can use a knife to do it. Then using a saw or jigsaw cut the branch into circular slices which measures about 1 by 8’’.

The next thing to do is create a hole. Insert a 5/64’’ into the button gently and turn it around to widen the holes. With sandpaper, smooth your button. It is optional to use beeswax which gives the buttons a more natural look.

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Easy Woodworking Projects: Picture Frame

Creating your own picture frame is a must for woodwork beginners. This starts by choosing a hardwood lumber.

Followed by determining your desired picture frame size, then trim the edges of the lumber so that both sides are straight and smoothen out. To give your frame its depth, slice the board lengthwise.

Then sand the woods surface for a smooth feel. Then make an angle cut at the end of each piece. Be sure to measure where the cut will be to and draw a line on it for guide to avoid any mistakes.

Repeat the same procedure for the remaining lumber. Then tightly clamp the two different ends of the lumbers. Next is to glue each of the parts together.

The glue is used by many for strengthening the frame’s connection. Later on the sides are either clamped or stapled at the edges of the frame. Then you can paint it with your desired color or look. Also, using paste wax adds a warm glow on the frame. After these are done, you can add a hook, artwork and glazier points. To seal your art just use a paper gummed box tape.

Besides from these two (buttons and picture frames), you could also try building your own toolbox, tables and chairs.

They require great skills and patience when building them. But once you’re able to do your first woodwork, it gives you that rewarding and satisfying feeling of building something with your own hand.

To beginners, keep on building. Also reading and watching online tutorials can help you. Before you know it, you can create every thing you can think of.

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